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Wagtail Slimline Flipper 14"

Wagtail Slimline Flipper 14
Wagtail Slimline Flipper 14

19.59 (23.51 Inc VAT)

Product Code: SF14

The Wagtail Slimline Flipper is like turbocharging your squeegee. The Flipper is a combination tool which washes, lubricates and then squeegees.

  • Lubricates squeegee rubber on hot days or dry spots on windows
  • Constant Pivoting significantly increases efficiency/productivity for both window washing and squeegee action.
  • Interchangeable channel lengths.
  • Light Aluminium combination tool
  • Further reach.

  • All windows are cleaned faster
  • High windows are cleaned with one tool avoiding water evaporation
  • Slimline provides access to tighter areas.
  • High rise window cleaning.
  • Shopfront window cleaning.
  • Speedy precision polework

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