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Chemspec Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner 3.78L

Chemspec Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner 3.78L
Chemspec Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner 3.78L

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Product Code: UKEL45

One of the new generation of detergents which offer multiple dilution levels depending on the degree of soiling, increase the pH to suit your conditions/fibre types. A pre treatment with a slow drying dual surfactant formula to make pre spraying large commercial areas quick and easy (Ideal for Hydro - Force sprayers for Truck Mount users).The extremely high concentrations offered in this detergent make shaking this bottle a must before use.

General Usage
Minimum residue and stain resistant safe
Express Lane meets the specifications for use on stain resistant carpet. As with every Chemspec product Express Lane rinses completely, leaving minimum residue.
Suspending soils and oils for easy extraction
Express Lane is formulated with an extremely effective collection of dual surfactants and solvents that have been specially blended to penetrate and release embedded soils and oils. Our new dual surfactant/solvent system emulsifies heavy soils that have penetrated the carpet backing, releasing soils to the surface for easy extraction.
Powerful formulation
Specially designed for minimum residue and stain resistant safe, yet powerfully formulated. Express Lane is ideal for restaurant carpet near cooking areas, offices of auto repair companies, heavily soiled commercial carpets or any carpet this is heavily soiled with oily soil.
Assists with wicking and yellowing problems
Express Lane’s unique dual surfactant/solvent systems will

Hints and Tips
Highly concentrated
Express Lane is a highly concentrated premium traffic lane cleaner with a 1:32 dilution, Express Lane’s solvents enable it to combat greasy/oily soils; asphalt walk-off and other water and oil based stains.
Due to the unique formulation of co-solvents, Express Lane must be SHAKEN PRIOR TO USE. Product should be extracted after use. Express Lane is designed for use in the Hydro-Force (9 to 1Tip) sprayer and other types of pump sprayers.
For Routine Cleaning: Mix 120ml in 4L of water (1:32)
For Heavy Cleaning: Mix 200ml in 4L of water (1:21)
Pre spray, brush in and allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY, however this product does allow extensive drying times.

Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner Characteristics
pH @ use: 8.5 – 9.5
Coverage: 132 sq metres per 4L
Dilution: 120 ml to 4L water
T/M 1L - 3L water
Appearance: Thick milky white liquid
Fragrance: Mild solvent odour

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