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Chemspec Liqua-Gel 473ml

Chemspec Liqua-Gel 473ml
Chemspec Liqua-Gel 473ml

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Product Code: UKLIGECS

Natural solvent gel spotter, sits on the surface of stain to avoid causing damage to backings when properly used. Removes tar, grease, ink, gum, glues, oils, adhesives and other oil based spots from fabrics and hard surfaces. Remove solids before applying gel with a Chemspec Spotting Spatula.

Unlike other liquid solvents, Liqua-Gel will not penetrate the carpet backing and cause delamination – Liqua-Gel™ is a liquid that turns into a gel on shaking. Its special gelling capability keeps Liqua-Gel™ from being absorbed through the carpeting and delaminating carpet backing.
Increases productivity
With traditional liquid solvents, it is a long, drawn out process of blotting to safely remove solvent soluble spots. Not with Liqua-Gel There’s no need to go through the tedious blot-blot-blot procedure. Just follow the simple, time-saving steps.
Tested by Woolsafe as being safe for use on wool carpet fibres.

Hints and Tips
1. Pre-test in an inconspicuous area for colourfastness.
2. Agitate area with a rigid spotting spatula to remove any excess build-up.
3. Apply Liqua-Gel™ to the spot, covering it completely. Allow time to penetrate. Product will gel on contact.
4. Mark each spot with a wet floor sign or other device to avoid traffic on the area and to act as a reminder of each location.
5. After allowing Liqua-Gel™ time to break down the spot, remove the Liqua-Gel™, then blot with a wet cloth or extract.
6. Vacuuming is recommended after carpet is completely dry or if any powdery residue remains from leaving

Dilution: Ready to use
Appearance: Milky white gel
Fragrance: Citrus

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