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Chemspec POG 1L (paint, oil, grease remover)

Chemspec POG 1L (paint, oil, grease remover)
Chemspec POG 1L (paint, oil, grease remover)

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Product Code: UKPOGR1

Safely removes many oil based stains including paint, oil, grease, tar, shoe polish, ballpoint pen, marking ink, nail polish, oxidised oil and more. Emulsifiable solvent system - can be used diluted 4 to 1 with water. Rinse out after use with a quality alkaline detergent (e.g Formula 90) or a volatile solvent (e.g Wet Solvent).
Effectively removes stubborn oil based spots
Chemspec P.O.G. is formulated to be highly effective in removing normally troublesome spots such as grease, paint, carbon and other oily based spots from textile surfaces.
Use “with confidence” on carpet, upholstery and other textile surface
Chemspec P.O.G. can be used “with confidence” to safely remove oil based spots which do not come out during the usual cleaning process.
Quick acting - highly effective
The Chemspec P.O.G. formulation makes oil based spots on carpet “disappear”. Contains effective grease/oil cutters which save time..
To test fabric for "solvent Crocking"
Certain dyes which are usually bright and intense or heavily built prints are subject to rubbing off when dampened with solvents (solvent crocking). To test for solvent crocking wet a white absorbent cloth with solvent and in an inconspicuous area, wet and rub each colour while checking the cloth for dye transfer or smearing. If no transfer or smearing occurs, clean the fabric using normal, industry techniques.

Hints and Tips
Easy to use
1. Do not dilute. Use this product as it comes from the container.
2. Test fabric for “solvent crocking” in an inconspicuous area.
3. Apply Chemspec P.O.G. to a clean, white absorbent cloth.
4. Using wetted cloth, blot the oil based spot working from the outside of the spot and moving toward the centre.
5. Blot area with a clean, white cloth.
6. To insure no residue remains, blot cleaned area with a clean white absorbent cloth wetted with a volatile solvent (such as Chemspec’s Volatile Solvent).
7. Allow area to dry before using.
8. Discard application and blotting cloths in an approved trash receptacle.

Dilution: Ready to use
Appearance: Clear yellow liquid
Fragrance: Banana
Packaging: 1 x 1L or

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