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Chemspec RotoBrite II 3.78L

Chemspec RotoBrite II 3.78L
Chemspec RotoBrite II 3.78L

16.45 (19.74 Inc VAT)

Product Code: NRRB24G

A bonnet detergent maintainer and encapsulant

New carpet maintenance technology incorporating state of the art encapsulation properties along with an oxygenating booster. Roto Brite II is non-surfactant based an ideal product for use in Low Moisture Cleaning Applications such as spray bonnet and cylindrical brush applications where routine carpet maintenance is performed and residues are critical.

Roto Brite II has a neutral ph, will not brown and will not leave surfactant residues that contribute to re-soiling and carpet yellowing. Effectively removes surface soils, beverage stains such as coffee, tea and soda from the surface as well as light ball point pen ink, greases, oils and tars.

Meets all VOC emission standards and is more effective at removing surface soils than Non-Residual Roto Brite.

Mix 360mls Roto Brite II with 4 litres hot, warm or cold water.

Apply to carpet using machine manufacturer’s recommended use instructions, normal vacuuming procedures removes the encapsulated soils.

pH @ use :6.5
Coverage : Variable depending on severity of soil.
Dilution : 360ml to 3.78L (10 to 1)
Appearance: Clear Colourless Liquid
Fragrance : Low Odour

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