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Chemspec Ink X It 946ml

Chemspec Ink X It 946ml
Chemspec Ink X It 946ml

14.82 (17.78 Inc VAT)

Product Code: UKTIGCS

Chemspec INK X IT is a unique type of solvent, which is excellent for removing permanent marker pen and other hard to remove ball pen inks. It is effective on carpets and many upholstery fabrics.
Works well on many nail varnish spills previously difficult to remove.
Is effective for removing ink spots on many leather pieces, pre-test carefully as usual to check the finishes are not affected on each piece.
Can be rinsed out with cold or hot water.
If dye remains when ink is removed etc., use Dye Gone as a final step and rinse thoroughly with cold water and blot dry before leaving.
INK X IT is a very effective useful addition to the very effective range of solvent spotters available from Chemspec Europe, they include Liqua Gel, P.O.G., Dry Fabric Cleaner and Heavy Duty Soil Lifter all effective on different types of oily and ink based soils.

INK X IT Characteristics

pH @ use: N/A ( Solvent)
Coverage: Various
Dilution: Ready to use
Appearance: Colourless Liquid
Fragrance: Mild

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