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Clar-Glas Glass cleaner 1L

Clar-Glas Glass cleaner 1L
Clar-Glas Glass cleaner 1L

3.99 (4.79 Inc VAT)

Product Code: CGGC

Ready-to-use cleaner for removing dirt from all glass surfaces. Intensive cleaning action, dries fast and streak-free with anti-soil effect. Pleasant fragrance.

Anionic surfactants < 5%, water-soluble solvents, dyes and fragrances.

pH value (concentrate): approx. 11
Suitable for use on all glass surfaces such as windows, doors, glass cabinets, mirrors, etc.

Spray onto surface and wipe off with a dry and absorbent textile or paper cloth. Never rinse the dirty textile while cleaning. Always use a dry cloth!

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