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Craftex Powerbrush 5063

Craftex Powerbrush 5063
Craftex Powerbrush 5063

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Product Code: 5063

What does it do?
This highly portable, single rotating cylindrical powerbrush unit, can be ideally used with smaller, professional injection extraction machines to achieve greater cleaning results. Super agitation releases stubborn soiling.

Why choose the Powerbrush?
Adds increased cleaning power to a smaller machine without having to upgrade to a much larger system. Can easily be detached and kept for use on certain jobs.

Special features:
Triple jet for excellent chemical penetration
Lightweight and durable
Small enough to access those 'hard to reach' areas
Height adjustable brush

Cleaning width: 270mm
Number of jets: 3
Cable length: 10m
Machine weight; 10kg
Machine size: 270x400x960mm
Brush: 120w; 600 rot/min - 232mm

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