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Craftex Sabrina Foam 5005

Craftex Sabrina Foam 5005
Craftex Sabrina Foam 5005

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Product Code: 5005

What does it do?
Foam injection-extraction machine for cleaning padded textiles with a quick drying time

Why choose the Sabrina Foam?

A problem with upholstery cleaning is the issue of leaving the surface wet. By using a foam injection-extraction process you speed up the drying time. Ideal for coaches or any public transport - the dimensions of the unit also make it very useful for places where accessibility is an issue.

What does it include:
Complete unit with foam-agitator brush and suction tool.

Special features:
Built-in compressor for creating foam
Quick drying times
Ideal for cleaning cars, trains, buses, ferries, aeroplanes, cinemas, theatre, restaurants, pubs and clubs, etc
Degree of moisture in foam is adjustable

Solution Tank Capacity: 14L
Recovery Tank Capacity: 14L
Vacuum Motor: 1500W 2 stage x 1
Pump: by-pass piston type, 4 bar (max) (58psi)
Cleaning Width: 100mm (270mm optional)
Number of Jets: 1
Cable length: 10m
Hose Assembly length: 2.5m
Machine Weight: 35kg
Machine Size: 320x550x860mm

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