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DI sytem complete with s/s frame

DI sytem complete with s/s frame
DI sytem complete with s/s frame

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Simplicity is best!

Simple in design and construction, simple to use.

Strong, high quality stainless steel framework
Re-fillable de-ionising bead filters
Reliable Shurflo Pumps with variable controllers
Available in a variety of tank sizes and filter specifications to meet your requirements.

With this system your water is purified instantly...i.e. as it is pumped through the resin vessel. You can prefilter your water with the carbon and sediment filters as you fill up your tank, or you can just fill the tank with water straight from your tap if you need it straight away. The pump will then deliver this water through the resin to purify it completely and send it to your pole.

Note: these systems are cheaper than ones that have Reverse Osmosis systems (to purify the water prior to going through the resin)...however you will use more resin without an RO system, so you need to work out what will cost you less in the long run. An RO system can always be added to a system like this later on if needed.

To complete your system:
Add hose reel of your choice
Add pole of your choice

Couplings are made with standard hoselock-type fittings and 1/2" garden standard hose so it is easy to connect up to any hose reel.

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