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Triggers, Inline Flow Control valves and Aqua-Dapters explained

These devices allow you to easily turn on the water flow from your pole when you need it and turn it off as soon as you have no further need of it, for example you can turn on the water only for cleaning a window and stop it flowing when you need to move the pole to another window or job. This saves water and money, you don't use extra fuel carrying the extra water and save on filter costs by not using as much water each day. They also help where a job requires minimal water usage. As these devices are fitted to the pole they are always where you need them to be for quick control, eliminating groping around on the floor.

INLINE FLOW CONTROL valves are standard style valves that clamp to your pole. The pole tubing coming down the pole then loops back up (once outside the bottom of the pole) and is fixed onto this valve. The other side of the valve is fitted with a 21 series quick connection that you use to join onto the hose coming from your van. As Inline Flow Control valves are fitted to your pole you will need to choose the appropriate clamp diameter to fit your pole.

TRIGGERS are closed by default, so your water will only flow when you put your hand onto the trigger to open the flow. Some triggers can be locked in the 'ON' position to stop your hand getting tired if you are working on large windows. As triggers are fitted to your pole you will need to choose the appropriate clamp diameter or use the adjustable version so that it will fit your pole.

AQUA-DAPTERS are special valves you fit to the top of your pole and when you need to stop the water you pull quickly on the pole hose. Pull once to stop the water, pull again to start it flowing again. At low levels you can also manually operate them like an inline flow control valve.

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