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Premium Pro Starter Kit

Premium Pro Starter Kit
Premium Pro Starter Kit

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A premium kit using only the best items for a window cleaning professional.

Sometimes it is worth spending the extra to have equipment that is designed by the best! This should support most window cleaners on a complete round. Absolutely super value when compared with the manufacturers' recommended retail prices.


1 x 24L Blue Bucket - Strong, Durable
1 x Lid for the 24L Bucket (air-tight fit)
1 x Set of Large Hooks for holding one applicator
1 x Moerman Bucket-On-A-Belt

Squeegee Handle, Channels & Rubber
1 x Moerman Excelerator handle
1 x Moerman Liquidator Channel 10" / 25cm
1 x Moerman Liquidator Channel 2.0 14" / 35cm
1 x Moerman Liquidator Channel 18" / 45cm

Applicators & Sleeves
1 x Moerman swivel T-bar 14"/35cm
1 x Moerman Proclean Microfibre Sleeve 14"/35cm

Scraper & Blades
1 x Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper 4"
1 X Unger ErgoTec Ninja holster
1 X Ettore pocket scraper
1 X Pack of 10 Scraper blade 1.5"/4cm

Scrims & Cloths
1 x Pre-washed Grade A Scrims
1 x Unger Ninja Microwipe cloth 40cm X 40cm

Belt and Pouches
1 x Unger ergotec tool belt
1 x Unger ergotec pouch

1 x SPOTLESS window cleaner solution 1L

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