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Prochem Oxibrite 1Kg

Prochem Oxibrite 1Kg
Prochem Oxibrite 1Kg

7.85 (9.42 Inc VAT)

Product Code: B151-02

Oxidising additive for white, off-white and pastel coloured fibres and fabrics. Can be added to extraction solution or for best results use in conjunction with B105 Fibre Shampoo and B162 Fibrebuff and leave to dry. Can be used for 'last resort' treatment of difficult tea and coffee stains. Oxibrite produces controlled 'bleaching' and therefore should be used with caution on all fibres. White powder.
Contact with combustible material may cause fire. Harmful if swallowed. Risk of serious damage to eyes.
Dilution 15 to 30ml per 5 litres pH 9.5

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