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Streamline RO System Complete

Streamline RO System Complete
Streamline RO System Complete

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The most cost-effective set-up in the long run...

Including a Reverse Osmosis System in your water purification process may mean an additional initial outlay but the cost savings can be big in the long run...especially if you live in a hard water area. The RO included here will take approximately 90-95% of the water impurities before it is polished through the DI-resin. This means your DI resin lasts longer and therefore you spend less on replenishing it.

Key features:
Stainless-steel frame - corrosion resistant and very strong
Carbon and Sediment Pre-Filters
Reverse Osmosis Membrane 40"
Baffled, polyethylene Tank with vented cap
Reliable Shurflo Pump 12V with pressure switch
Inline solenoid valve to prevent overfilling
Water softener unit to prepare water for the RO filter
De-Ionising Resin Vessel (final polishing stage)
Regenerating unit (keeping softener beads in optimum condition)

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