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Titan Labs glass gleam glide

Titan Labs glass gleam glide
Titan Labs glass gleam glide

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Product Code: 55012

Glass Gleam-Glide is a professional glide additive that puts an end to hardwater drag issues. Glass Gleam-Glide™ is easy to use, just add to your bucket. The recommended ratio is 1/10th of an ounce per gallon, but you can add more or less depending on your preference. Whether you’re fanning or pressing, this additive will eliminate drag and chatter. Makes your squeegee glide over the glass without effort. Saves you time on the job and won’t make your tools or hands slippery. Easy measure squeeze dispensing bottle means you get the dilution right every time and never waste a drop.

Eliminates Squeegee Drag
Creates a Smooth Blade Cushion
Reduces Wrist Fatigue
Stops Chatter
Reduces Cleanup Time
Leaves No Residue
Kind to Hands
Won’t Make Your Tools Slippery
Saves Time & Reduces Effort
Use With GG4 for Sparkling Clean Windows

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