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Unger SmartColor Cleaning Cart

Unger SmartColor Cleaning Cart
Unger SmartColor Cleaning Cart

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Product Code: RRCRT

{Description}Complete transportation cart including vinyl trash bag, tool clips and holders.

Drip tray: the base of the cart acts as a drip tray catching excess liquid.
Ergo Handrail: No matter which side of the cart you're on, you can push and pull with ease.
Clip System: Tools are always where they need to be, and always clipped on securely.
An organized cleaning cart increases productivity significantly.
The SmartColor Cleaning Cart was developed with many suggestions from users and offers many innovative features, such as the flexible clip system for hanging tools.

Equip the SmartColor Cleaning Cart individually with our SmartColor cleaning equipment, such as dual bucket, mops, mopholder and microfibre cloths.
Thus, you are perfectly equipped for daily cleaning challenge.

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