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Wagtail Jetstream 2 14"

Wagtail Jetstream 2 14
Wagtail Jetstream 2 14

27.45 (32.94 Inc VAT)

Product Code: JET2W14

Pivoting water-fed scrubber for water-fed pole work with water jets embedded above micro fibre pad to rinse as you scrub, so there is no need to lift the tool off the window to rinse. This saves time and effort.
The JetStream2 is an alternative tool for window washing as it has a microfibre pad instead of a brush. Microfibre cleans more effectively than brushes do and creates a plane of water hence no water droplets left to dry on the window. It can be used with pure water or tap water.

Use replaceable BPAD16 for this 14" Jetstream

Suggestions for useage: High windows, walls, glass swimming pool fences, truck curtains, floors.

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