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Quick connect fittings

Quick Connector Compatibility

There are many different types / series of quick connect fittings and in most cases these series are not campatible with each other. The most commonly known ones are the Hozelock type fittings and any Hozelock type fitting should be compatible with any other Hozelock fitting but not other types of fitting.

The metal quick connectors commonly used in window cleaning are classified by a number and if you are ordering spares to use with fittings you already have you will need to know the series number you are already using. This may sound complicated but it's as simple as the first two digits of the product code. So any fitting with a code starting '21' will be compatible with any other fitting starting in '21', but will not work with fittings starting '26' or '19', or any other number. To make it easier to select the right fittings we also use names, like 'MINI' or 'Professional' as well as the number.

All the sub-sections on this page contain fittings of just one type, or series and in each sub-section all the fittings are compatible with each other, but not with fittings in another section.

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