Necprotech neck Support Brace

Necprotech neck Support Brace
  • Necprotech neck Support Brace
  • Necprotech neck Support Brace

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Got a tired or sore neck from looking up for too long? What about numbness or tingling in your arms or shoulders when you work? Well, it doesn't have to be that way...

Because here's a fantastic neck support system that gives you full relief from a tired or sore neck when you look up for long periods. It's called necprotech. And it works by supporting the heavy weight of your head, releasing the tension from your neck and shoulder muscles - and reducing the risk of neck strain and long-term injury.

Jobs like pole lifting, painting ceilings, plastering, window cleaning and fruit picking become so much easier with necprotech. You'll no longer have a tired or sore neck when you work, so your job becomes more enjoyable, and you work better, sharper, longer.

The head weighs the same as a bowling ball, looking up puts massive stress on the neck muscles and spine.

All these issues create a huge potential for injury.

Over 45% of all work related disorders in the EU are related to the neck and upper Limb.

Tests have shown that necprotech's patented neck support system really works to prevent neck pain, strain and injury. Yet it is so easy to use, so comfortable to wear, and so affordable too. The Neck Protection Technology is lightweight and very comfortable to wear, it slips on just like a backpack
It is fully adjustable to suit all sizes and is made from long lasting, durable materials providing support and ensuring good posture.

So if you're in a job that means you have to look up for long periods - painter, plasterer, electrician, window cleaner, mechanic, fruit picker or forklift driver for instance - take a look at necprotech. And look forward to working in comfort...

The Neck Protection Technology helps to combat neck pain, it has been proven to greatly reduce neck pain, strain and injury.

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