Unger HydroPower Ultra – Expert Kit Glassfibre 7.5 m

Unger HydroPower Ultra – Expert Kit Glassfibre 7.5 m

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Everything you need to start window cleaning with pure water

Window cleaning system to reach and wash at heights of up to 7.5m (25ft).

Perfect for cleaning windows and building facades, solar panels, vehicles and much more!

Pure water fed pole window cleaning system includes:

DIUH2 HydroPower Ultra Filter L

GF45G Unger nLite Connect Glassfibre master pole 4,5 m

GF30G nLite Connect Glassfibre extension pole 3 m

NL25G HiFlo nLite Hose, 25m

NLR27 HiFlo nLite Radius Brush, 27cm

NLG20 nLite MultiLink angle adapter 20 cm

TMOOV HiFlo Control

Efficient pure water filter for low water needs and small surfaces.

    * Produces 100% pure water

    * Including fine filter, for pre-filtering of the water

    * Complete with TDS meter to measure inflow and outflow PPM (parts per Million)

    * Mobile use on site.

    * Stored on practical trolleys with large rubber rolls and tilt protection

    * Requires no electricity.

    * Standard garden hose connection.

    * Compatible with Unger Ultra Resin Packs.

The Unger HydroPower Ultra is setting a new standard in deionising filter technology for pure water cleaning. A definite value-add for every professional window cleaner and cleaning specialist.

NEW: Ultra Resin Packs deliver over 30% more pure water per resin fill:

The FloWater 2.0 technology in each Ultra Resin Pack provides an efficient water flow through the entire tank, optimising resin utilisation.

The Premium Ultra Resin is a new ion exchange resin specially perfected for the requirements of glass cleaning.

The digital TDS meter indicates at the touch of a button when the Ultra Resin Packs need to be replaced. The Ultra Resin Packs can be changed as easily and quickly as a coffee pad in a coffee machine.

The sturdy stainless steel hose connectors are equipped with a practical shut-off valve to prevent leakage during transport. A pre-installed dynamic control system guarantees optimum water flow at all times.

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Unger HydroPowerUltra Brochure

Unger HydroPowerUltra Brochure

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