Moerman EASE Ultimate squeegee 2.0 10"/25cm

Moerman EASE Ultimate squeegee 2.0 10"/25cm



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The best of our EASE-products in one : the EXCELERATOR handle 2.0 + LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel + F*LIQ sleeve.

Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°

The negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out.

Smooth swivel movement

Lightweight and ergonomic bi-component grip

F*LIQ washing sleeve 10"/25cm

LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel 10"/25cm

This combination will give you the precision, speed and user comfort to leave your ladder on the car. Keep your feet on the ground and keep it simple and safe.

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Excelerator 2.0

Excelerator 2.0 squeegee handle for window cleaning

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Pack content

F*LIQ over great for telescopic pole use

F*LIQ under for hand use

Fits LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channels only

Easy on/off F-LIQ clips

Replacement F*LIQ clips are available.

*100% high quality microfibre

* fibre length: 16mm

* Extra padding ensures high water retention

* Washable at 60 degree

* High tear and wear resistance


Moerman F*LIQ

06 Oct 2020


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Moerman Excelerator squeegee handle 2.0 for window cleaning

Award-winning at the London Cleaning Show 2019 with the redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.

Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°


Redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.

Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°

The negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out.

New channel locking mechanism, more user-friendly and secure.

Mount the channel without any risk of it falling out.

Improved locking button to change your handle from a swivel to a fix tool.

Redesigned grip which allows for a more ergonomic hold.



25 Nov 2021

glad I bought one and the channel saves so much time and quick service from cleaning spot

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Moerman Excelerator handle 2.0

06 Oct 2020

Moerman, seem to be getting Star after Star for there kit. They certainly get 5 stars from me & so do cleaning spot. The excelerator handle is dam good, well made and just dose the job, what more can i say,

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Best squeegee handle so far

23 Aug 2019

This has become my favourite squeegee handle.
A bit dear but worth every pennies

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Tired of having to detail the edges of the window? Want to get rid of those annoying waterdrops that get left behind in the corners? Liquidator 3.0 is the solution!

The patented liquidator becomes more and more standard equipment for professional window cleaners. This legendary channel is now updated for better performance: meet Moerman’s extraordinary Liquidator 3.0.

It is an angled edge channel, unique in its kind and now even more accurate than ever before. Developed with window cleaners for window cleaners. The end clips of the Liquidator 3.0 are designed for wiping a window much more efficiently without having to detail the edges.

  • Comes with Liquidator NXT-R rubber
  • Fixed end clips are frame-friendly
  • Lightweight aluminium material
  • Better rubber pinching
  • Handle alignment dots
  • Shorter learning curve compared to Liquidator 2.0
  • Fits all handles

The Liquidator 3.0 works great on all kinds of windows: thick or thin rubber seals, old or new steel edges, all types of frames…

ensures smooth and easy performances without excessive strain on arms and shoulders – even after hours of intensive window cleaning.

For optimal performance of your Liquidator 3.0:

  1. Centre Liquidator NXT-R rubber in the channel
  2. Use enough detergent, best applied directly to the sleeve
  3. Put minimum pressure for best results
  4. Get a feel for the right technique
  5. No detailing the edges of the window


  1. (aluminium) black channel is the same robust quality
  2. Liquidator 3.0 now mentions "patented" instead of "patent pending"
  3. Liquidator 3.0 comes standard with the new NXT-R rubber instead of the black rubber

► no need to choose between soft or hard rubber anymore, NXT-R is an all-seasons rubber

  1. difference in the patented turquoise end-clip

► smooth design-flow

► end tip is less curved for less pressure on the rubber

► end clip has a firmer grip on the round top of the rubber to hold it better

Very small visual changes at first sight but big in use: the core difference for the channel is in the turquoise end-clip: it's less curved to provide less pressure on the rubber, together with a firmer grip on the rounded part of the rubber that slides in channel. We've combined this with a smoother design of the end-clip and the NXT-R all-seasons rubber that's now standard in the Liquidator 3.0 channel. No more need to choose between soft or hard rubber!

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