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Commander Tri-Jet Fogger 230V

Commander Tri-Jet Fogger 230V
Commander Tri-Jet Fogger 230V

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Product Code: CN3404

Can be used as a chemical fogger or for humidity control.
The combination of adjustable valve and tornado action nozzle maximises mist up to 30ft directionally. Highly versatile, allowing fogging with both water and oil based solutions either indoors or outdoors.
Essential for deodorising smoke contaminated buildings. Use with A222 Odour Neutraliser solution for smoke contamination. Produces a fine 14 micron particle fog which penetrates all porous surfaces. Adjustable nozzle 4.5 litre tank 230V CE.
Aluminium construction, good chemical resistance, heavy duty motor.
H: 39cm (15 1/2"), W: 22cm (8 1/2"), D: 32cm (12 1/2")

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