Complete SPOT-LITE V2 Telescopic Carbon Fibre Waterfed Pole

Complete SPOT-LITE V2 Telescopic Carbon Fibre Waterfed Pole
  • Complete SPOT-LITE V2 Telescopic Carbon Fibre Waterfed Pole
  • Bare SPOT-LITE V2 Telescopic Carbon Fibre Waterfed Pole
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Spot-Lite full carbon Waterfed Pole READY TO GO complete with double trim brush, tubing with about 2m extra length, angle adapter AD1 (18-22ft ), AD1-6 (27-35ft) or AD1-9 (45-60ft), and a connector (choose with either AHA6 hozelock type connector or Rectus type 21 SFTF06)

For any other combination please go to product code SLCFV2 to select your type of brush, hose, gooseneck....

  • Carbon Fibre has long been the premium material for water-fed poles.
  • Lightweight - For working all day long.
  • Price - A price that is not so premium!

Carbon fibre pole

We have chosen the best material to make the best pole. The carbon fibre makes it both lightweight and rigid so you can work more easily.

Compact sections

Fed up wrestling poles that are long even when compressed? Our 22 ft pole has a compressed size of only 4'9". Excellent manoeuvrability and easy to carry.

Strong clamps

Small yet strong clamps with a lateral lever creating further weight savings and improved ease of use. Clamps are quick to adjust with a simple mechanism, without the need for tools.

Double trim brush

Quality lightweight brush made in UK, this is not a cheap cheap brush made in China like those from some of our competitors

For the range of spare parts click here

LengthCollapsed lengthWeightSections
18ft 4
22ft / 06.40m 4.8ft / 1.45m 1.25Kg 5
25ft / 07.60m 5.6ft / 1.70m 1.40Kg 5
30ft / 09.00m 5.6ft / 1.70m 1.70Kg 6
35ft / 10.35m 5.6ft / 1.70m 2.05kg 7
45ft / 13.50m 6.3ft / 1.90m 2.80Kg 8
50ft / 15.15m 7.0ft / 2.00m 3.25Kg 9
61ft / 18.60m 7.5ft / 2.25m 4.25Kg 10

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