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Unger HiFlo Soap dispenser

Unger HiFlo Soap dispenser
Unger HiFlo Soap dispenser

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Product Code: HCDEU

The practical solution for severely soiled glass surfaces and frames. Works by adding soap to the water flowing through a waterfed pole. Use with your choice of cleaning liquid. The adjuster on the top can be used to control the ratio of soap : water, from highly concentrated soap flow to just water alone. All this can be controlled with the water flowing, meaning you can put some soap onto the areas that need it and then rinse away without having to remove the pole. Ideal for those areas needing extra attention to clean, such as conservatory roofs, shop facia signs or badly soiled window frames etc.

Uses a simple Hozelock type connection to standard garden hose.

Please note that the maximum pressure is 50 psi /3.5 bar so these cannot be used with a pressure washer or for WFP systems where the pole has a trigger or shut off valve fitted on, meaning the water pressure will rise too high.

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