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Craftex Powerbrush 5061

Craftex Powerbrush 5061
Craftex Powerbrush 5061

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Product Code: 5061

What does it do?
High performance twin contra-rotating cylindrical brush unit. The ultimate partner for any proefssional portable injection extraction machine. Available with an integral water heater to provide instant hot water at the desired temperature.

Why choose the Powerbrush 5061?
The five jets and the twin brushes increase the cleaning power you'll have with your system.

Special features:
Amazing cleaning results from twin brushes
Five jets provide even spray coverage
System recudes drying time to a minimum
Belt driven, height adjustable brushes

Cleaning Width: 400mm
Number of jets: 5
Cable length: 10m
Machine Weight: 21kg
Machine Size: 470x500x930mm
Brush: 2x120w counter rotating; 600 rot/min - 363mm

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