Unger Desk & Table Cleaning Kit

Unger Desk & Table Cleaning Kit

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CLEANS 4x FASTER than conventional methods.

Unger’s Desk and Table Cleaning Kit will minimise the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining a clean surface on desk and table tops.

Complete CK047 Kit includes: (1x) COMBG Unger 8 gallon/30 litre dual-compartment bucket & wringer, (1x) SM40G SmartColor Mop Holder, (1x) HH240 24" handle, and (2x) MD400 Green microfibre mops.

Cleaning Kit Assembly

• Assemble dual-compartment bucket per instructions provided

• Assemble handle, mop holder and microfibre mop so ready to use

Easy to use . . .

Step One - Fill Unger Dual Compartment Bucket

• Fill front of bucket with properly diluted sanitizer or disinfectant cleaning solution

• Fill rear compartment of bucket with one gallon / 4 litres of clean rinse water

Step Two - Prepare Mop For Cleaning

• Push button to collapse mop

• Dip mop into front compartment

• Wring mop well in rear compartment

Step Three - Clean Desk & Table Top

• Place mop on table and push down to lock in place

• Start on one side and move mop straight across the table to end. Turn mop and clean in opposite direction

• Continue to next table / Use only wet mop

Step Four - Rinse mop

• Collapse mop, lower through wringer and rinse in rear compartment

• Wring mop to release soiled rinse water

• Dip mop in front compartment, return mop to rear compartment and wring

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Pack content

Unger Smartcolor combo 30L - grey

Complete dual bucket with press.

- Two compartments keep clean and dirty water separated.

- Emptying via drain spout and dump spout.

- Labels included for colour coding.

- Complete with vertical press.

- Available accessories: WaterHose WH180, Side Bucket SMSBG

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Unger one stage pole

  • UNGER telescopic poles allow you to work safely reaching up to 10 m height, while standing on the ground
  • The UNGER Locking Cone ensures safer operation, since the tools lock in place and cannot drop
  • Most accidents with ladders are caused by wrong handling, and not their damage
  • Always check whether cleaning from the ground is a safe option. If not, discuss safe alternatives and corresponding costs with your client
  • Always insist on safe working conditions. Do not risk your life just because the client does not accept certain services!
  • Always choose the safest way. Ladders should not automatically be first choice simply due to convenience
  • Ladders become extremely unsafe under certain conditions: Rain makes the ground slippery; uneven ground or contamination can result in tilting, or even falling

Data sheet

1 section handle
0 - 0.6 m

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Unger Smartcolor Mop Holder, grey

Flat mop holder with holding clips
Unger mops fits securely and can stay on mop holder during wringing
Universal joint; reaches all corners and is flat
Reduces cleaning time by up to 10%
Folds at the push of a button, for wringing or replacing mop
New handle socket, for cone or handles with 23 and 25cm diameter respectively

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Unger SmartColor micromop 7.0

Microfibre mop, ideal for vinyl or sealed floors without grout lines.

- 7mm long fibres.

- Features aggressive cleaning edges that clean with less water, less effort.

- Reduces bacterial contamination up to 96%.

- Machine washable up to 500 times.

- Fits on Unger Flat MopHolder SM40G or SM40R.

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