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The Moerman pouch is here! Flashy blue, water-resistant and 3 separate compartments + bottle holder to stock all your essentials! The best way to keep your tools on your belt Wearing your Side Kit:

with straps: more flexible and it hangs lower

with male belt clip: no more dangling side kit – easier reach + quick mount and quick take off.

Perfect fit for a scraper

Vertical water resistant divider

Keeps wet and dry towels perfectly separated

Vertical divider for compartments ensures fast access to your cloths, pouch always stays open

Extra bottle holder / cleanser in the inner main compartment

Water resistant (not waterproof) optimized zippered pocket for smartphone / keys

Lowered entry bottle holster for quick entry

Zips easy to operate while on the move

Reinforced stitching of the zip

Magnetic closure system

Size 28cm x 26cm x12cm


- Carries all essentials by your side

- Separates dry and wet cloths
- Holds a detergent bottle within reach
- Belt clips for easy on/off


- Protects equipment so it stays in perfect condition
- Keeps cloths clean
- No damage to cloths thanks to magnetic strip


- No falling objects
- Secure connection with belt


- Hands-free use
- Magnetic strip for easy opening / closing
- Outside is made of water resistant material


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