Premium Pro window cleaning Starter Kit

Premium Pro window cleaning Starter Kit

















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A premium kit using only the best items for a window cleaning professional.

Sometimes it is worth spending the extra to have equipment that is designed by the best! This should support most window cleaners on a complete round. Absolutely super value when compared with the manufacturers' recommended retail prices.


1 x 22L Blue Bucket - Strong, Durable
1 x Lid for the 22L Bucket (air-tight fit)
1 x Set of Large Hooks for holding one applicator
1 x Moerman Drywalker Flex complete

Squeegee Handle, Channels & Rubber
1 x Moerman Excelerator handle 3.0
1 x Moerman F*liq 14" / 35cm

1 x Moerman Liquidator Channel 2.0 14" / 35cm

Applicators & Sleeves
1 x Unger Ninja 14"/35cm
1 x Unger Ninja Microfibre Sleeve 14"/35cm

Scraper & Blades
1 x Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper 4"
1 X Unger ErgoTec Ninja holster
1 X Moerman ergonomic pocket scraper
1 X Pack of 10 Scraper blade 1.5"/4cm

Scrims & Cloths
1 x Pre-washed Grade A Scrims
1 x Unger Ninja Microwipe cloth 40cm X 40cm

Belt and Pouches
1 x Moerman Belt with loops
1 x Moerman Side Kit Pouch

1 x SPOTLESS window cleaner solution 1L

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Pack content

SPOTLESS window cleaner solution 1L. High quality and effective window cleaning chemical. Dilute 1 part to 100.

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Heavy duty Unger linen scrim hemmed 36'x36' (92 X 92 cm) grade 1 for professional window cleaning. Best quality for polishing windows or spot cleaning of frames etc.
Robust and durable, generous size for large surface, versatile window cleaner's best seller.
Pre-laundered and ready for use straight from the pack.

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Microfibre cloth for glass and frames, with scrubbing corners.
* High quality ultra fine microfibre.
* Double sided - coarse for cleaning and smooth for polishing.
* Corner pockets for detailing at height with a pole.
* Machine washable up to 500 times.
* Fabric weight - 400g per m2

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The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper Holster provides quick, easy and accessible scraper storage - simply slide the scraper into the Holster and lock the handle into the robust clamp to prevent the scraper from falling out. Made of durable solid plastic, the Holster is built to withstand frequent contact with sharp blades thanks to its integrated stainless steel strike plate. Designed to help you minimise the risk of cuts and injuries, the Holster can be worn on a belt for safe and instant access to the scraper - perfect for working at height.

  • Fits to most standard tool belts.
  • Fits the scraper with or without protective cap.
  • Compatible with most flat or angled 10cm / 4" or 15cm / 6" scrapers.

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The new Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper features a unique pivoting mechanism which allows the angle of the scraper head to be switched from straight to 30 degrees at the touch of a button. This provides super quick adjustment and flexibility for optimum comfort and scraping performance in light and heavy duty tasks, during close manual work or pole work at a distance. It also eliminates the need to purchase two different scrapers! 

Our new razor sharp and durable stainless steel scraper blades are perfect for removing paint, decals, tape, heavy soil and debris from glass surfaces, as well as construction clean up. 

* Solid pivoting angle change mechanism, made of rust resistant stainless steel. 

* Ergonomic non-slip handle offers more grip, less slip, reducing hand, arm and shoulder fatigue. 

* Dual-sided blades are made from rust resistant 440A grade stainless steel, providing excellent edge retention and break resistance - blades stay sharper for longer. 

* Precision honing process creates a razor sharp, consistent blade edge. 

* Safer and easier blade change - push slider release lock to access and change blade. 

* Includes removable protective blade cover. 

* Compatible with Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone for secure fit to poles. 

* Fits Unger ErgoTec Ninja Holster. 

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Set of 2 large Bucket Hangers to hang up the washer applicator inside the bucket and the squeegee outside the bucket.

Please Note: bucket lids cannot be fitted when the hangers are in place.

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Lewi Snap on Lid for 22L Grey Bucket

Not compatible with the 24L Pulex bucket.

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Professional Window cleaning bucket.

Tough polypropylene with strong pick and go handle.

H = 27.5cm W = 29.5cm L = 56.5cm

Accommodates 45cm/18" Washers and Squeegees vertically.

Large Hangers included

Accessories available: lid, castors and sieve, small hangers

Please Note: bucket lids cannot be fitted when the hangers are in place.


Mr M.P Glynn

07 May 2021

Excellent service and goods arrived on time.
The Lewi Grey Bucket is a really useful product and very durable and well made. I will be ordering more soon.

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Lewi bucket work great

03 Feb 2020

What would window washing be with out this handy bucket? fits the strip washer in the bucket easily with ample room. Makes window washing a breeze. Made of heavy duty plastic with a sturdy handle.

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Moerman Excelerator squeegee handle 2.0 for window cleaning

Award-winning at the London Cleaning Show 2019 with the redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.

Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°


Redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.

Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°

The negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out.

New channel locking mechanism, more user-friendly and secure.

Mount the channel without any risk of it falling out.

Improved locking button to change your handle from a swivel to a fix tool.

Redesigned grip which allows for a more ergonomic hold.



25 Nov 2021

glad I bought one and the channel saves so much time and quick service from cleaning spot

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Moerman Excelerator handle 2.0

06 Oct 2020

Moerman, seem to be getting Star after Star for there kit. They certainly get 5 stars from me & so do cleaning spot. The excelerator handle is dam good, well made and just dose the job, what more can i say,

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Best squeegee handle so far

23 Aug 2019

This has become my favourite squeegee handle.
A bit dear but worth every pennies

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Tired of having to detail the edges of the window? Want to get rid of those annoying waterdrops that get left behind in the corners? Liquidator 3.0 is the solution!

The patented liquidator becomes more and more standard equipment for professional window cleaners. This legendary channel is now updated for better performance: meet Moerman’s extraordinary Liquidator 3.0.

It is an angled edge channel, unique in its kind and now even more accurate than ever before. Developed with window cleaners for window cleaners. The end clips of the Liquidator 3.0 are designed for wiping a window much more efficiently without having to detail the edges.

  • Comes with Liquidator NXT-R rubber
  • Fixed end clips are frame-friendly
  • Lightweight aluminium material
  • Better rubber pinching
  • Handle alignment dots
  • Shorter learning curve compared to Liquidator 2.0
  • Fits all handles

The Liquidator 3.0 works great on all kinds of windows: thick or thin rubber seals, old or new steel edges, all types of frames…

ensures smooth and easy performances without excessive strain on arms and shoulders – even after hours of intensive window cleaning.

For optimal performance of your Liquidator 3.0:

  1. Centre Liquidator NXT-R rubber in the channel
  2. Use enough detergent, best applied directly to the sleeve
  3. Put minimum pressure for best results
  4. Get a feel for the right technique
  5. No detailing the edges of the window


  1. (aluminium) black channel is the same robust quality
  2. Liquidator 3.0 now mentions "patented" instead of "patent pending"
  3. Liquidator 3.0 comes standard with the new NXT-R rubber instead of the black rubber

► no need to choose between soft or hard rubber anymore, NXT-R is an all-seasons rubber

  1. difference in the patented turquoise end-clip

► smooth design-flow

► end tip is less curved for less pressure on the rubber

► end clip has a firmer grip on the round top of the rubber to hold it better

Very small visual changes at first sight but big in use: the core difference for the channel is in the turquoise end-clip: it's less curved to provide less pressure on the rubber, together with a firmer grip on the rounded part of the rubber that slides in channel. We've combined this with a smoother design of the end-clip and the NXT-R all-seasons rubber that's now standard in the Liquidator 3.0 channel. No more need to choose between soft or hard rubber!


Liquidater 3.0

05 Apr 2021

Definitely an improvement on the 2.0 and its good that it finally comes with the NXT R rubber

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F*LIQ over great for telescopic pole use

F*LIQ under for hand use

Fits LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channels only

Easy on/off F-LIQ clips

Replacement F*LIQ clips are available.

*100% high quality microfibre

* fibre length: 16mm

* Extra padding ensures high water retention

* Washable at 60 degree

* High tear and wear resistance

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Solid belt for carrying tools
- Tools always at hand
- Extra loops
- Tough nylon - durable
Quickly fastens and unfastens via safety easy-release

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The new Moerman pouch is here! Flashy blue, waterresistant and 3 separate compartments + bottleholder to stock all your essentials!

- Magnetic Sealing Strip
- Size 28cm x 26cm x12cm
- Secure Belt Connection
- Quick Release Belt Clips


- Carries all essentials by your side
- Separates dry and wet cloths
- Holds a detergent bottle within reach
- Belt clips for easy on/off


- Protects equipment so it stays in perfect condition
- Keeps cloths clean
- No damage to cloths thanks to magnetic strip


- No falling objects
- Secure connection with belt


- Hands-free use
- Magnetic strip for easy opening / closing
- Outside is made of water resistant material

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Drywalker Flex complete - includes :

- Drywalker Flex base

- Drywalker Flex add-on bucket

- Drywalker Flex add-on squeegee holder

- Drywalker Flex drip catcher

No one really enjoys cleaning windows with wet legs. It will make it harder for your muscles to operate at their optimum and your performance can suffer as a result. Drywalker Flex is the Moerman ingenuity to succeed in not only creating the best conditions to keep your legs dry but also to properly organise your work gear. Packing your Bucket-on-a-belt has never been so easy. It’s adaptable to whatever window cleaning job you’re performing.

The clever storage compartments in the Drywalker Flex combines practical and elegance in a contemporary design. Drywalker Flex is modular, detachable and water-proof. This Bucket-on-a-belt will keep your squeegees and applicators more accessible.

Customise your own Drywalker Flex, show off your wanderlust and share your adventures. The choice is yours: a double squeegee holder or squeegee holder with bucket.


The Drywalker Flex comes in one package with:

Drywalker Flex base

Drywalker Flex add-on bucket

Drywalker Flex add-on squeegee holder

For the ultimate experience you can also choose to wear two: one on each side and all your gear is at first hand!

Drywalker Flex base = 1 back squeegee holder with reservoir to be combined with:

- 1 bucket readily accessible for 2 applicators and 2 squeegees

- 1 front “squeegenius” system to carry 4 squeegees

Drywalker Flex drip catcher = Compartmentalise reservoir

- baffled system to break down the magnitude of forces

- transparent: to visually check the level of water

- no surplus weight 

Highly manoeuvrable design avoids:

- hitting your legs when walking

- getting in the way when bending down on your knees.


100% dry leg system

Realised in highly abrasion-resistant and lightweight materials.

Easy slide locking system

Lightweight: 470 gr / 16.5 oz

Easy release slide buttons

Accommodates most squeegees & applicators in the market.

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Complete with Unger Ninja channel and soft rubber. Ergonomic swivel handle Extruded aircraft aluminium T6 channel: will not bend or break Professional soft rubber Fits securely to pole with locking cone.

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The new ErgoTec Ninja Washer Sleeve guarantees exceptional cleaning results due to its highly absorbent fibres and built-in rows of scrubbing bristles that run along its length - great for loosening dirt and grime without damaging windows. Two abrasive pads, one on each side of the Sleeve, provide extra scrubbing power for removing even the most stubborn dirt. Velcro fastener ensures secure fit onto the T-Bar. Machine washable up to 500 times.

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Moerman Ergonomic Safety scraper WITH blade and locking mechanism which protects blade from gliding off accidentally. Ergonomic rubber cover.

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Scraper blades 1.5"/4cm for Scrapers Ref. STMIN, MIN2, SR50K, SR04K & 4286

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